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Thread: Fake K.O.D. Tracklisting

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    Fake K.O.D. Tracklisting

    I was browsing and found this
    it's deffinitely fake
    whoever made this wasn't even close
    although Industry Is Still Punks woulda been sick!

    1. K.O.D. [Intro] 1:22
    2. Industry Is Still Punks 5:09
    3. F.A.N.S. 4:19
    4. Like I Died 4:00
    5. Mind Games[featuring kutt kalhoun,skatterman] 4:31
    6. In The Trunk 4:43
    7. Clips[featuring big scoob,dalima] 3:43
    8. Let Me Show You[featuring kdean] 3:55
    9. No Way Out 4:22
    10. Money Hungry[featuring krizz kaliko,brother j] 5:05
    11. The Break 1:13
    12. Back On The Show [featuring kmk] 4:12
    13. 9 Is Murder 5:20
    14. The Prayer 1:00
    15. Blacken The Sun 5:45
    16. Gone[featuring krizz kailko,snug brim] 4:39
    17. Darkness Falls[featuring grave plott] 4:35
    18. Family 3:33
    19. Havic 4:04
    20. K.O.D. [Outro] 1:07

    Incase you haven't noticed yet, this was posted in July. it was an early tracklisting. obviously we all know that it's not real for numerous reasons. so you can stop saying it's fake now cause you are just pointing out the obvious.

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    dam you beat me to it i was JUST about to put this up lol, apparently its from wikipedia i found it on tha comments on

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    i found it on juggalonews too. looks like he decided to put F.A.N.S. on this album instead of sickology like i heard in rumors.
    im happy to see the industry is still punks, the one on absolute power is one of my favorite tech tracks. so that new one im sure will be sick as hell.

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    looks good hope its real but there are fake as mofos everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    damn this does look legit, but not official. Tech could easily change it up before octobers release. i was hopin yukmouth, chino xl, or crooked i woulda been a feature. but thats probably on the next collabo album.

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    Didn't he say himself that It's not even fully written yet?

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    damn nice find.... isn't there a video where techs talking about how hes been writing a song called "show me a god"? you think that songs gonna be on there? I'm guessing this tracklisting will change a few times before the CD actually comes out but just wondering

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    I honestly think this is just a bullshit tracklisting like what happened with Sickology.

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    Trav has just announced that the tracklist is not real.

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    we gotta see Lynch on KOD...maybe?

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