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Thread: Kutt Calhoun is touring?!

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    Kutt Calhoun is touring?!

    I know I definitely would have gone to the Denver show. Unfortunately Strange Music dropped the ball in regards to promoting the tour and I had no idea it was even going on. This is probably the real reason kutt's shows are getting cancelled left and right. Don't blame the fans for this one.

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    Correct..... we need a tour listing or something to even have a chance at going to one of melvins shows.

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    i have already been to 2 kutt shows in denver they were dope and i havent heard of them getting cancelled i just havent heard a lot of noise from the street teams thats why its best to find shit out yourself and promote it yourself like blh has a show at the roxy theater in denver on june 30 and kutt had one last night at the same place as blh and he has one tonight in colorado springs

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