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Thread: Tech's Twitter status

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    Tech's Twitter status

    To those that love me. I am currently in a very dark place due to my moms illness. I know I'm distant but I will return soon. Don't give up on me! K.O.D

    ^ That came straight off his twitter status for July 16. I don't know if anyone else pays attention to his updates, but anything that has to do with Tech I check pretty much every day. I just wanted to say to Aaron Yates and his family that us as fans of Tech N9ne, as a musician and Aaron Yates, as a person, have the utmost respect for him and his family. I hope that everything is going to be fine with Tech's mom and I will absolutely be thinking about her and her health everyday. If Aaron needs to put Tech N9ne on the back burner to take care of family issues, just know that we will still love you. Tech N9nician 4 Life.

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    AMEN AMEN AMEN 4real all hopes and prayers 2 techs mom she'll make it through

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    She's sick again/still sick? Ouch. =\
    Hope things improve for him soon.

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    Yea I seen this too..
    Damn..I hope she gets better.

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    man tht sux, i went threw tht 2, its sum hard shit, ur mom and ur kids u never wanna bury or thnk bout burying. but tech u need not even worry, we got u always, go on and handle wut u must, while u still can! we got yall in our prayers!

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    could this be a clue of what k.o.d means? he put it after stating he was in a dark place but that he will break out of it then puts k.od..could it mean somehting like Keep On __ idk?...or Keep Out Darkness..idk just saying it might have some insight to the meaning

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    keep on determined

    this is for the cd I see it its a hint at the cd or something off the cd..for one if it was something going on right now..u wouldn't be promotin ur next cd by puttin kod at the end.

    if it is something going on right now I pray she be ok and can imagine what he's think due to my mom has her good and bad days. tech stay in there man. we here for u.

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