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Thread: How much longer?

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    How much longer?

    you know how much longer do you think tech has in him?? you know he says his life is much brighter than it used to be from when he first strated hes starting to get his name put out more and more and his relationship with his wife is better in every show in soutern calif. he takes them too it i went to the paid dues SRH 15th and the one at the graduate and he took them there so i think hes gonna get back with his wife on the psychumentry he says his relationship is better so i think tech is gonna call it quits and retire but not entirely hell be on krizz kutt prozak big scoob here and there collabos you know cuz for 40 years old shit guy moves like hes 25 still so what do yall think???

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    Nope! The nigga aintstoppin till every mother fucker in the world knows of him!!!!!!!!!

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    About his wife..I know Tech likes to put his life out there, but I think that speculating about it is, err....Offensive, creepy, etc

    Also :
    The Psychumentary - released April 2008
    "I Love You But Fuck You" - released July 2008

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    u made a good point, the guys in his late 30's, but if u didnt no tht, and u saw him on stage, u'd think he was like in his 20's or sumthin, hes got a lot in him, and hes not gonna retire 4 awhile

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