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Thread: Time For Some Controversy!

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    Time For Some Controversy!

    Personally i like most of Genius. But I don't like how Krizz (and Tech) are taking on a mainstream sound.
    I'm all for them making money, but C'mon. Tech on "Get Off". WTF! Idk. I like the hard shit.
    Now I know everyone is gunna say "It's Diversity Man" "Tech's the complete package"
    FUCK THAT! FTI! Who's with me.
    I'm just not feeling this new sound.
    I like the old shit. The angry shit!

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    I also feel Tech has lost his ability to come up with complex rhymes. His old shit I'm still like "what the fuck did he say in that last verse." Now i can understand everything he says no problem.

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    I bet thats what everyone said about everready back in the day too. they're not going to go anywhere if they do the same kind of music over and over and over and over again. thats why people are getting sick of weezy.

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    lol "hard shit" they have gone through different stuff in they lives since the "hard shit" in they lives. got families now.. ect.. at some point the "hard shit" hits realality and then the other shit comes in lol the finaly after years sayin u dont love no chicks.. u wake up and u love one..sayin u hate cops to wake up and say well u can play one on tv lol to say u never will leave the streets to one day wake up after a tragic event or not.. and move to a different area..if u never evolve u will only be what u was in the past.. welcome to a new but fimilar sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I respectfully, completely disagree.

    Tech's "hard shit" that you like, was when he was thizzin, and countless other hard drugs he was dealing with, dealing with wife/fedelity problems and all that. Now he's older, wiser, cleaner, and overall in a better state of mind...and it shows through his music.
    But be ready, cause he's still got that hardcore shit, K.O.D. will deliver the sound you like.

    Genius was... well genius. Amazing. Loved it. Loved the sound. No complaints from me.

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    Haha !!! I guess peeps don't know what good music is when they hear it.... Seems like their ears are filled with nothin but BULLSHIT !! Rain Dollaz is completely correct....Strange Music is EVOLVING !!

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    it was one fuckin song, the nigga can sing.

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    I can't say anything about Genius haven't gotten it yet. Getting it later today. However I'm not going to say diversity but I will say that as people especially musical artists get older they change. With someone like Tech and his old more angry shit, he's getting pretty damn famous now and making a shit load of money. As the fame grows and what not and his accomplishments there's less and less to be angry about. You got to look at it like that. Do you want him to write about fake shit or real shit that is going on in his life? It's just my opinion on it. But like I said I haven't listened to Genius yet.

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    "Well creationism, and darwinism (?) embedded for ever and i aint got nothin but hurt for em
    Cuz really nobody knows when you live and you die where you body goes
    if its hell or heaven, 6 or the 7
    well i keep the nina for i be foes in a gamble
    thats what life is and its hard to handle
    when the bible says worship this by the scriptures but its written by man though
    so when man destroys us the world might not stand so
    til that day im gonna protect my fam with ammo"
    Nuff said. Also, Tech has said his life is getting better so of course his music is going to sound different. Just wait I think KOD will be him going back to his roots though.

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    besides hearing a random tech song on imeem high as shit, i first heard and seen tech on bet uncut wit imma tell.. and followed wit the beast . i listened to killer on youtube after reading about his 1,000,000 sold and toguht to myself damn he blew up cuz i aint seen him since tha vid .. so i bought all his albums and have been fiending and soothing since.

    i'm hooked

    Quote Originally Posted by timothy maggi
    Ihe's getting pretty damn famous now and making a shit load of money. .

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