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Thread: so is snug and skat still on strange or what?

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    so is snug and skat still on strange or what?

    i mean i heard they chose to leave but they still on all the albums... is it just cause they left on a good notice and everyone's still cool w/ each other or are they still on the label?

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    no they did leave strange but yea i guess everyones still cool with each other

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    yeah i was talkin to krizz at the vip and i asked if they left on good graces or not and he said that they did and will continue workin with strange music in the future. i'm hopin they tour with strange again cuz they were sick on the strictly strange tour! i also loved them on "getcha life right". they killed it

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    alright cool... hopefully maybe we'll see them sign back on

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    They are doing their own thing. They got the new album coming out in September on itunes.

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    I love how on a regular day, yall are quick to say the siccness doesnt provide info before yall get it. BUT since I support my dogs over at the Strange Building ill tell yall whats up (Take It Or Leave IT, And If You Dont Wanna Leave It, Shut The FUCK Up). Skatterman and Snug Brim left on good terms with Strange, they had started a new Record Label/Filming company called BiggShot Records (or something similiar). Shortly thereafter they released a mixtape. At the current moment, they are on hiatus as a group. While its not 100% certain, its been speculated that... Skat i think it was was going back to school, while snug did more solo stuff. But both will still be dipping into music. Some of those facts might be a little flip flopped as I get them confused for each other quite a bit.

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    I don't know about Sickology 101, perhaps it was recorded afterwards, but my guess is that S&S's verses were already recorded. And since they were signed when they recorded their verses, Strange Music would own them, thus allowing SM to use them on "Getcha Life Right" or on anything else.

    I went to the V.I.P. in Santa Cruz on May 7th and Kali said that he's had the album done for a while.

    I read an interview with S&S a while ago and Skat was saying he didn't really like that over at SM it was "all about the red haired nigga..."

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    They did leave Strange but on good terms, they ended up starting they're own label called Big Shot Music&Films...they're releasing they're next album called Perseverance on September 1st of this year. They still collaborate with Strange cuz they're still family so i wouldn't be surprised if we heard them on upcoming Strange Music albums.

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