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Thread: Anyone in KC

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    Anyone in KC

    I was hearing about a store in Kansas City that sold all the older Tech Albums: The Worst, Celcius, etc.
    I can't remember the name or anything though. If there is one could someone let me know. I'm driving through Kansas City tomorrow from Denver, and probably coming back through it thursday or friday, so I was wanting to stop at a place if there is one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    7th Heaven is the name of the store. The sell older albums but there still hard to come by

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    yea 7th heaven like dude said is all I know. idk where its at tho.

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    It's off 76th and Troost

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    naw kid if you want the real hook up...go to 3rd and Quindaro and look for Waynes Music. a lot closer and a lot cheaper than 7th heaven.

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