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Thread: A way around the ADMINS...

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    A way around the ADMINS...

    Aight, so it already seems as if the new Kaliko album has been leaked, whether its online or just in somebodys possesion i dont know. But, if you have the album but are afraid to post it up on the site for fear of getting banned, just go elsewhere. Post it on some random blog site or rapidshare or some shit. There is a sick site made just for this kind of thing called the Batt Kave, all MP3 undergound hip hop all the time. Its where i got Sickology before it was released. So just go post that shit up somewhere and help out some technicians that arent really doing anything wrong cause you know were gonna buy the CD anyways. I bought 3 copis of Killer just for my homies that didnt have money and shit, and i went out and bought sickology even though i already had it

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    i'm tired of people spamming this site with battkave bullshit. There is nothing posted on the battkave that is not posted here first except for illegal pirating of music

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