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Thread: Harmony -N- Havoc need constructive criticism

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    Harmony -N- Havoc need constructive criticism
    real hip hop fuck that commercial bullshit

    this is real hip hop Harmony -N- Havoc coming at chu check out the music let us know what you think.
    this is not that bullshit on the radio.

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    Not bad at all. would have been better with a hook though.

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    Now, i am by no means sayin ya music is flawless, but i really cant find much to critize, this shit is dope. I wish there was more to hear. That Thoughts of a Spotless Mind is straight real fuckin shit; the hook kinda weakens the song but, still the song is tight. I would say in some spots there could be some better pernunciation and vocal quality could be better. But so far, I love what i hear. Althoug, after that thoughts of a spotless mind song, the swagga like us fre seems kinda less like your ideal . Some of those free lyrics sounded kinda wack, but hey, its a free, right. Still, nice job!

    Keep on ya grinds, and post more music if ya got it. I'd love to hear more

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    yea yo thats the first track of our debut mixtape coming out it'll only be 10 tracks but 3 or 2 music videos and aside from that free to download when finished kuz fuck that cd selling bullshit. aint nobody buying cd's

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    I aint sellin my CD either. Free Indie music all the way.

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    yea putting out your shit for free is better then all you do is just perform and your name gets out their faster were trying to get signed right now though. by the time were done with the mixtape.

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