This is the first draft, I know I missed a few words, I can't understand them clearly on my crappy laptop speakers. I have to go into my car and correct them. but Almost all of it is correct. I will get Twista's 2 verses written sometime tomorrow. Enjoy!

I'm a problem because I'm different and people don't get it
When I be the clown like a sucka down when I be kickin' my music
Tech is dangerous if you think you can hang with us
Sick in your brain with it when I mangle it
Know that I break and abuse it
I be prayin' to God
Cuz when I'm sprayin it's odd
And I'm slayin the squad
Tech Nina's layin his ride
I'm insatiable when it comes to be makin this gouda
I'm a sniper killa murderer look out I'm a shoota
A dalima we takin out you beginners comin to my psycho cinema
It's a must that I crush them
If you accustomed to lovey dovey movies
Then you unlucky because they call me Tecca Nina the snuff film
Throwing the fist up
Cuz all of my grips up
People was hating but now they zippin their lips up
Neva debated you imitated get ripped up
Stuck off in Necropolis cuz Tecca Nina and Twista's a