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Thread: Tech Has Had a Amazing Impact On Hip-Hop, Who Agrees?!?!

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    Tech Has Had a Amazing Impact On Hip-Hop, Who Agrees?!?!

    Yeah, Tech Is Amazing When It Comes To Spitting On The Mic We All Know That, But I Like What He's Done To Affect Everyone's Daily Lives, On The Real Now, No Rapper Has Ever Done That!
    Now A Days U Can Catch People Singing Tech Songs In The Showers, Or Even In Some Cases Girls Poppin' Out Them Areola's In The Clubs When The DJ Turns The Tune On, Tech Has Made Many People's lives Better And Isn't Getting Little Love From People, I Think If Tech Keeps It Up He'll Infect More And More People With The Virus And Soon Tech Will Be Known By Everyone In The World, And Of People Haven't Heard Tech N9ne Than Someone Can Smack The Shit Out Of Him For Saying Such Things, Tech N9ne Will Be The Greatest, Soon....


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    yea he is great but your tripping on some of the shit u said

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    Foreal if he has mad as big of impact your saying he would be more recognized. And just because someone knows of tech doesnt mean he has changed their life in any way

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    a bit dick riderish but i agree he good and i respect his hustle

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    step 1: find tech n9ne's balls

    step 2: hug them as tightly as you can

    "No other rapper has done that?" Hmmm, well Tech N9ne isn't the first rapper to influence people's everyday lives as well as the game and he will not be the last. Guess you never heard of 2Pac, KRS1, Common, Outkast, Biggie, or Nas.

    EDIT: Also, love them or hate them, Eminem has affected millions of lives in the almost exact way u described, as well as the Insane Clown Posse. In their primes, their fanbases were just as hardcore as tech's fanbase has been and is now.


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