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Thread: June 19th Baltimore Show. Great Show ruined for several people by some MGK fan...

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    June 19th Baltimore Show. Great Show ruined for several people by some MGK fan...

    Let me start off by saying, the show was fantastic, but it seemed like some people were more concerned about being selfish scumbags with something to prove, than enjoying a fantastic concert put on by people putting their all out on the stage.

    Regardless, at one point in the night this rather large black gentleman (at least 6'4" maybe 300 lbs) started literally shoving people out of the way to move a WHOPPING 3 feet closer to the stage when MGK got on, after shoving some smaller women out of the way like a dong bag, he tried to push me, to which I responded negatively and we had a brief stare down until I asked him "Are you here to fight or see music bro? Grow up"....and he decided to watch MGK instead of fight, for now.

    Cut to, two songs into tech and krizz....some really drunk or high, similar sized white dude was standing behind me and the larger black dude, and kept lightly bumping into us. Personally, I felt this was no big deal, as he was not shoving or hitting, he was just excited and jumping around a little....we were all "sardine" close, so it was going to happen. However, the larger black dude next to me, decided he was going to be a big man about it, and ended up getting up in the other guys face to the extent that he ended up shoving the large white guy into a group of people. A group of people consisting of younger women/men, who were probably in their late teens at most, and were significantly smaller than the rest of us. Then they started to brawl for about 15-20 seconds until the white guys head got cracked open on the ground, and blood went everywhere. During the scuffle, two small women got knocked down, one got hit somehow, as she was holding her face crying and her bf was held back by security because he tried to jump at them for hitting his gf, which to me is perfectly reasonable reaction....don't hit women...that aint man shit. Also, a younger black guy who I saw just moments earlier looking happy as he'd ever been watching tech spit ridiculous, ended up getting his forearm broken because the two dudes fighting steam rolled him. I ended up boxing out this younger couple next to me who both probably weighed about 90 lbs soaking wet because I was really worried about the girl getting hurt, unlike the two scumbags fighting.

    Immediately after this happened, security took these guys away, blood lay all over the floor, and all the people who got knocked down or one even gave a shit about. All I saw was people trying to take pictures of the blood on the ground. I actually left the show after this. Not because tech wasn't putting on a great show, but I was just genuinely disgusted with the way people A. Acted and B. Reacted. It should have been a good time for all, a bunch of technicians enjoying their favorite artist, and instead some selfish douchebags had to "Act tough"....hurt a bunch of innocent people trying to have a good time, and then afterwards, no one seemed to even give a crap about their fellow fans who were hurt. I was honestly disgusted, I asked a couple people if they were ok....lingered for another song or two, and then just left. I had waited for this concert for a long time....and the negativity that came from the selfishness of those people just drained the fun I was having right out of me.

    Hopefully I'll get to see tech again.......without the scumbags.

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    didnt read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevor

    didnt read.

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    Constructive. The gist, some guy started a fight for no reason that got some females and another fan hurt really bad. None of the people around cared.

    Technicians? I think not.

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    shitty man.

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    I know, I felt like I was the only one trying to see if people were ok. That's not what being a fan is about....hurting other people and not giving a shit about your fellow fans.

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    Well I know wut thats like. I am an avid Concert goer and attend quite a few concerts through out the year. I even make the 2000 mile trek from where Im from to the Gathering of the Juggalos. I have attended a lot of Tech N9ne concerts seeing how he likes to come here to the Northwest which I am very grateful for. I have also attended wut ICP shows that come through the Northwest for the venues arent so inviting to the Faygo Throwing Artists. I too have witnessed this kind of fuked up selfish ignorant behavior from drunk disorderly dumb shits who don't care about the other fans who are in attendance. All I can say is that when I go to these concerts I make sure that I can protect my Girlfriend from those type of individuals and I also do my best to not let NE of the other fans around me get crushed by the selfish drunk idiots who like to push and shove others around. Usually I have the help of other fans who are also males who are concerned with the females who are within our surroundings.

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    i was at that show also...and i think it will be my last one ( in bmore at least)..people just act like complete assholes there, baltimore is a rowdy place as it is, but come on lol

    i think alot of it was all the extra people coming just to see MGK ( he puts on a great show by the way) but i can do without all the fucktards once tech got on people started shoving to get inches closer to the stage so me and my girl and our two friends just went to the back of the club by the bar, then left about halfway through the set, i figured if i cant see shit i might as well leave...i can listen to his fucking music in the car

    its just really unfourtunate for people like me who pay extra for the VIP and want to enjoy the show, but it gets ruined by the scumbags who just pay the 30$ to get in and dont give a fuck about anybody else

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    ive seen a couple metal shows where douchebags hardcore dance, and ive seen like 3 different chicks get knocked out cold by dudes throwing their elbows back as hard as they can. and they didnt even care. one girl (in minneapolis at the barfly) had to be taken away in an ambulance and was still unconscious by the time it finally got there. i cant stand idiots who go to shows, man. one guy elbowed me like that one time and i managed to dodge it just enough to get hit in the neck and not the face....but the next time he came around i leveled him as hard as i could lmao. i was steaming so bad i just left the show rather than start a fight

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    ever been to a Tech show? I havent I havent I havent

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