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    Myself and Bean are heading uo to Des Moines to do some Krizz Kaliko street teaming and promo drops. So if we have anybody on here in or around the Des Moines area that would love to help hit me up with a message. I know this is very last minute, but so was the request to head up there. Thank you.


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    When are you guys going?

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    tomorrow july 8th

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    Damn i live about an hour and a half from there.....But I work 3-11 ...That shit sucks...where u from?

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    Where do you guys go through cause I could do stuff around my area no problem...

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    yeah me apparently not though huh

    Quote Originally Posted by maintaining strange

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    Yo man I been lookin' to do some street teamin in des moines. hit me up.

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