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Thread: Didnt ship my Genius CD?

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    Didnt ship my Genius CD?

    Hey whats up guys i just had a quick ? I had recently put up an order on the strange music store, got a tech hat, another copy of absolute (my other one snapped) and I pre-ordered the Genius CD. That meant I should get a hat, two cd's, and the shirt with the pre-order

    . I already recieved the package in the mail on the 6th, but Genius and the shirt were not in the box. However, the invoice attached inside included genius on the reciept, i know the album does not come out until the 14th, so am i going to recieve another package in the mail of genius, or did they for some reason not ship it at all since i would have gotten it early? I just want to find out if i just got jipped for my CD is all.

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    You'll get it

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    wait till the release date......maybe even a couple days later....they try not to let the sit leak early

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    It's a pre-order.
    If you order it, you're not going to get it until the release date (Give or take a few days.)

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    hence the name "pre-order"

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