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Thread: Why Tech 9 And Krizz Kaliko Killed it in Toronto!!!!!!!

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    Why Tech 9 And Krizz Kaliko Killed it in Toronto!!!!!!!

    So Tech buddy. I saw a youtube video where you went to the stands and were sittin in my friends and my seats!!! That's amazing. I wish I woulda stayed but I dislike all the mainstream sell out F@CKS! You rule! Definitely threw it down! And you were even down 2 people!!! I know we were the only white boys belting out your lyrics hahahahahaha. I know you remember!!!!!!!! You rule Toronto and expect to have a lot more fans! I spread the word like wild fire!!! I know most of yours songs off by heart!!!!! However, I am not a lyrical genius like yourself and because I was born into a white family do not have the ability to speak fire. Not yet!! I am workin on it. Knowing your songs helps me get through life and conquer all adversities!!!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise man! YOU FUCKING RULE!!!! Come back to Canada and get your own venue! I will recruit the world!!!!!!!!! Only wished I coulda chilled with ya...woulda beeen sick. We coulda done an acapella TECH 9X! hahahahahah You're the man! I will see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of Your Canadian Fans,


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    welcome Canada

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