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Thread: I think no one in this world knows and feels tech nine like me

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    I think no one in this world knows and feels tech nine like me

    sorry to say that but you all dont KOD is all about how yall motha fuckaz pusheded his kindness for not excepting him for him. so yall think his shit was dark fuck you he is the king of music top charts and he is going to keep slithering higher and higher cause its all about music man he knows his shit and fuck you all who hate, and i have been turned down for my music even been told the same thing tech has hurd from the industry and look at him now, oh and tech my brotha im hear waiting to be found....................peace mista lowery aka technique

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    lol pusheded?

    so your point is you make music to? you got some?
    put it up.

    heres my shit. I love some Tech N9ne. when I figured out I could spit breathe without the song playin and still sound good I had to start writin some of my own shit.

    [img]*xJmx*PTEyNDY2NTIyOTQzMTImcHQ9MTI*NjY1MjMzODg5MCZwPTE1ODM2MSZkPSZnPTEmdD*mbz1hMDRjOGQzZThmMmM*NDYxYjJmNjkxYjI3OTdlMGRiOCZvZj*w.gif[/img]Now playing: Big Shot 024


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    youre name is billy jay...... lol, did you ride a tractor to his concert haha im sorry thats just mean. but seriously, fuck you for coming on to a techn9ne site and bashing all his fans.....

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    hes not even smart enough to bash what tech was talking about either. i hope he knows tech is refering 2 the industry on KOD bout him doin songs with its heros. if u dont believe me listen 2 blackened the sun snip again.

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    anybody in this world who is a Tech fan knows his name is spelled
    *TECH N9NE

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    what kind response you lookin for billy? Congratulations?

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    Stay in school

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    My cousins adopted and I have an ingrown toenail

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    Its hot and my Balls r kinda sweaty

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