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Thread: Another 64 Bars of FIRE!!

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    Another 64 Bars of FIRE!!

    Here's some more shit Im working. F.Y.I. I do all the lyrics and beats for this song and all others I have posted. It's just a rough copy, but I wanted to let you all hear the basic idea of what my future album will be like. Hit me back with ya input.

    Peace - Johnny Pree

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    I can't listen 2 it dude cuz I'm up on my phone but 64 bars damn lol that's hella lot how long is it like 4 min

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    "Call me Johnye West, but i aint no gay fish, so you can take fish dicks in ya mouth till they commin out ya anus"

    lol that line had me crackin up. You got some tight punchlines in this track. I only suggest turnin up the whole track a lot cuz its really low

    oh and i still think rachel ray is hot lol

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    god damn. then you finished it of with

    it ain't no joke/ quote, I'm better than you, unquote/

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