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Thread: Tech is on MTV 2 now!

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    Tech is on MTV 2 now!

    Tech is on MTV 2 Sucker Free right now!
    They just cut to a video....but im sure he'll be back on!
    Wow that was sick they were talking to him and Travis at what looked like Strange Headquarters warehouse

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    wat really wat video?

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    It was some other dude. Wasn't paying attention to it.
    Tech was talkin about Strange and his start and his backwards rapping

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    o sick thats legit hit me nak up if more shit happens i dont have Mtv 2

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    Cool cool. He hasn't been on maybe they are just showing parts here and there. It was dope though

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    nice i take it your from denver ha did u go the red rock show i was there it was so dope!!

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    I most definitely was at the Red Rocks show! Very great show for sure! I was close as hell too...but not too close that I was packed in haha. I was right infront of the sectioned off VIP section

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    glad to see people showing tech some love helpin him spread his word

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    What channel is MTV2 on in denver, im from there too.

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    I have Comcast so MTV2 135 for me. But it just depends on your cable provider

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