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Thread: Tech on the Jim Rome show

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    Tech on the Jim Rome show

    I was checking out the Jim Rome radio show, and the dude filling in for Rome gave Tech the illest shout out. He said Tech and Kalli is the underground Big boi and Andre but better. He later said to cop the new Krizz and played slacker.

    This was pritty dop coming from a ESPN sports talk show.

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    Senior Member SeanKiely's Avatar
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    thats honestly sick as fuck

    when i first saw the thread i thought that tech like went on jim rome is burning, his actual tv show on espn. now THAT would have been sick as fuck

    but its still tight that that dude gave tech a shout out and said him and krizz were better than outkast. big ups

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    Senior Member Big Pidge's Avatar
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    Wut wuz da dude name did it say

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    Thats Jason Smith he is from KC.. A caller from Cleveland also said that Jason got him listening to Tech and he said sickology 101 was dope and to pick it up.

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    Haha that's wut up

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    haha...badass, man I wish I was around to catch some of this shit.

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    I would of loved to hear that.

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    does someone have a you tube clip or something. I need to see it. I usually watch the Jim rome show but lately I have es and shit

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    wtf i missed that too

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    damn no sht, nice, i listen 2 sports talk allday, usually local guys tho, i dont really like rome, hes a dick and a know it all, but thts sweet dude fillin in gave tech props, way dope! sorry i missed tht!

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