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Thread: Lebowski takin it TOO FAR,

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    Lebowski takin it TOO FAR,

    is it just me or does anyone else think that lebowski needs to take a different approach on his promotion and shit all i ever see in my myspace bulletains is ''lebowski from tech n9ne's killer'' and im seein it on here to so 1. we know u were on techs album, 2. u dont have to mention that every time u wanna post sum shit, and 3. try a new approach on spreadin ur shit imma fan but i just gotta say wut i feel a real nigga yadidamean

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    Haha agreed.
    Tech's done music with leterally artists that have no names in the game and they're not out there saying "I'm so and so, I did this ONE song with Tech N9ne".

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    yup, ill never respect lebowski or listen to his music simply cuz hes trying to ride the tech train almost a whole year after killer. He needs to move on and take a different approach, cuz i would think his repeated "LEBOWSKI FROM TECH N9NE'S KILLER" strategy will loose him sensible fans.

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