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Thread: Tech N9ne Remix

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    Tech N9ne Remix

    hey i was curious if anyone has any tech remixes, either one they made themself or by someone else. just anything differnt. post em here

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    Heres Imma Playa (Remix) Off Of Vintage Tech
    Sorry Homie I Really Dont Like Remixs But I Got A Shit Load Of Un-Realsed Tracks

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    As bad as that was, I must admit I did laugh. Cheers to whoever put that together.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizery_Made

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    I like it. lol. it sounds like tech and krizz got with a band and just jammed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizery_Made
    Quote Originally Posted by J9X
    That shit just fuckin kills homie. fuckin Britney Spears. she gets all kinds of kick ass beats. lol.

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    i know there is a bout to bubble remix called the slapper remix and its fuckin way sick, but its damn near impossible to find so good luck
    I Do (Remix) - Fat Tone ft. Tech N9ne & The Popper

    also look out for the Move (remix) wit twista & MIMS coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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