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Thread: Tech New York Trip - Check this out!

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    Tech New York Trip - Check this out!

    Tech made a trip to New York earlier this week to promote his upcoming tours and albums. He sat down with "The Deal" on BET (on air June 30th at 1:00 AM central time) and a special Indie Week edition of Sucka Free on MTV. We got some cool pics of his adventures around the city. Click here to check them out now!

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    cool. I heard about the deal. I ain't hear about MTV tho. kick ass. kill em tech.

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    Damn that shit is crazy Im gonna have to check it out for sure.

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    Love how u got the bling on your back, dope ass pic!
    Keep It STRANGE.

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    hell yea i watched that

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    Why did you bump this up, this topic is about to celebrate it's one month anniversary for christ's sake

    Quote Originally Posted by TechN9zzle
    Love how u got the bling on your back, dope ass pic!
    Keep It STRANGE.

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