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Thread: so i under-rated charles hamilton....

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    so i under-rated charles hamilton....

    the cat's actually pretty tight... and on top of that, he realizes mainstreams whack and is killin' the rap game. listen to "word play" by b.o.b. ft. charlest hamilton & currensy, oh and currensy is sick too but you already know that

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    yeah b.o.b and currensy are ill

    but charles sounds like his voice is crackin and shit when he raps, and his lyrics are mediocre (and thats being nice)

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    naw i dont feel him, and niether did this run ur lip, ull get it whole vid, girl socks dude in his mouf 4 talkin shit...lmao!! bitch dont play!!

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    He is pretty much done before he started. Opens his mouth to the wrong crowd.

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