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Thread: [Off-Topic] Hate Whores Spamming This Site [Official Thread]

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    [Off-Topic] Hate Whores Spamming This Site [Official Thread]

    This thread is probably pointless but it's been a long time coming. How many of you hate signing on in the afternoon just to see that your home page is spammed with 62 whores wanting to cam chat? Imma give these whores a piece of my mind FUCK YOU and not in the way that you like either. Hopefully while being here one of these whores will bump into this thread and commit suicide so I can get my kicks (I know I'm sorry. I'm so bad >=] haha!) Forreal tho! I figure theres so many Hate Threads up anyway I'd post this one up considering whores are our common enemy. Take your hate out on the whores spamming this site not each other.

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    Lol hell yea I got like 5 msgs from em

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    Thats easily remedied though. The admin has to set the site to where new members have to be approved. It becomes a pain in the ass though, because its not like Tech has only a few followers. Youve gotta take the good with the bad. The best way to combat it, its to set your comments to where you have to approve them before they can be posted. Then you wont really have much to worry about. Yeah, youll still get them, but no one will ever know. ;-)

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    u know u can delete all and any comments on your page too

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