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Thread: Tech N9ne in Amsterdam?

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    Tech N9ne in Amsterdam?

    Ay, is it true that Tech N9ne is giving a concert in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) in August 23?

    Cause I allready ordered the tickets for it!I hope it ain't bullshit.
    Like the Bone Thugs concert in Amsterdam for example.They'd never showed up cause they'd never contacted the Netherlands about that shit. Amsterdam did made that shit up! 2bad, cause I ordered those tickets too.

    So I hope one of y'all can give me some certitude about the Tech N9ne concert in Amsterdam. Me and my peeps are talkin' about a Tech N9ne concert in the Netherlands for yearss and yeaarss..!! So if this is true, it would be a fuckin blessing haha!


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    Yesss it''s true, but nog on the 28 but on the 23/8/09 tech n9ne is coming to my town Amsterdam (Melkweg) check it out yourself TECH N9NEEE!!!!.....

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    Yo mainne i aint no bullshit... He is coming to tha melkweg....YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........

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    haha yeah my bad, i knew it was August 23 instead of August 28 haha!
    So it's fo real huh!? Fuck yeah..I'mma catch y'all in A'dam!
    Thankz though!

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    is this seriously gonna happen!!!???? im there if it is

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    I wish I could read that lol

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    It is seriously going to happen... HEll muthafucking YEAH..... See yall over there...

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