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Thread: This Tuesday - Tech interview + special show on the Israeli Radio!

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    This Tuesday - Tech interview + special show on the Israeli Radio!

    yup, you read it right.
    i'm a co-host on a radio show called "Black Sheep", and we just LOVE Tech Over there (both of us been fans since AngHellic).
    so we decided to give Tech's people a call and try get an interview with the man, the said "yes" and we made the call...
    we expected him to give us a ten minute interview at best (it was a few days after the "paid dues" fest), but he sat and talked to us FOR OVER AN HOUR!

    several topics that were covered:
    how Strange Music started
    producers he wants to work with (we are trying to hook it up, seriously)
    the Keisha Cole & Rakim Incident
    the L.A. Times dissing his performance
    of course - his Top 5 Dead or Alive

    and much more...

    the interview (at least most of it) will be broadcasted as part of a 3 HOUR special show about Tech and his music.

    the show will be in Hebrew, but the interview (and the music, of course) - is in English, so you'll be able to understand most of it.

    it's going down this Tuesday, June 23th on
    at 3PM Israel time (do the calculations relating to where u r right now by yourself
    just go in and press play on the top right corner

    i hope you'll enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed making it.
    and if you can - spread the word to all the Technitians u know

    Nati Hassid

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    Thanks for the post man....Ill try to get that shit around the net and let people know whats good..thanks for the post

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    fuck thats my homies birthday. you gonna put it up on here after its done?

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    the podcast is usually up after 3 weeks, so you better catch it live...
    here's the facebook page, ignore the Hebrew parts and please spread the word:

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    Could someone record it and post it like a couple days later because I wont be able to make it

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    gotta take it up!

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    for all yall in the Oregon, Washington areas thats 5:00AM thats right AM so wake up early to here it live

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    it begins in less than 5 hours!

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    some one use replay media catcher and record it... then post if its not to hard... don't have the time would be much appreciated too.i will make it worth your paypal if you do .$25 just post it here for DL or on youtube.

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    would it be on 7:00 central time?

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