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Thread: who wishes Scatterman and Snugbrim never left strange

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    who wishes Scatterman and Snugbrim never left strange

    to me those 2 were some of the hardest mofos out there loved there songs thought they would go big they shouldnt have left strange cus i havent heard anything they come out with since the cookbook and word on the street was one sick fuckin album and concrete jungle blew me away when i heard it back in the day.

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    personally I feel the exact opposite, I'm really glad they left. I thought they were a weak link in Strange, but to each his own, I kinda liked Snug Brim, I just didn't care for Skatterman that much

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    More Skatterman than Snug, my favorite shit he ever said was,"I'm tryin to go to church cause I wanna be a good nigga...." Entertaining ignorance. That and his 7 words verse was funny as shit...

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    No. Minus Young Bleed, they were my least favorite artists Strange signed.

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    most mediocre artists on Strange

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    Not a fan of theirs

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    strange music never signed young bleed

    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Cold

    No. Minus Young Bleed, they were my least favorite artists Strange signed.

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    how were they ever signed?

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    I like Skatterman and snug brim a lot. I have both strange albums plus a few Skatterman mixtapes. Real quality gangsta music

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