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    Im doin summer es in college right now. To see if I like it and can handle all the es and shit. Im thinkin about majoring in Marketing. Whose all goin to college Whats ur major. Give advice,
    If not goin to college what are u doin. This includes 2 and 4 year colleges. Because I still might go to a two depending on this shit goes. I got good grades at Technical college so I dont know. Have u met Technicians at college. I dont know Im bored as fuck.

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    I'm in Colorado going to Colorado School of Mines majoring in civil engineering. My advice is don't fuck around with it, get your studying done and do what you have to do. I fucked around my first year too much and i have to take a over again so i'm already behind.

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    I got a 2 yr degree in Automotive Technology from Central Piedmont Community College, my advice if you go to a two year don't take any of the fucking online es they suck balls. and like mask said don't fuck around. Didn't meet any Technicians between work and school no real time to socialize.

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    Idk I'm still in high school but I'm hopin 2 get a football scholarshp well I got good grades 2 so that a good sign of a scholarship comin next yr but if I do get a scholarship I wanna go 2 KU cuz that's my school and I've always been a fan of their basketball team and startin 2 b a fan of their football team

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    I just graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies. Focus on going to everyday and paying attention. Participating in discussions is very helpful, but you have to read ahead in order to avoid sounding like an idiot.

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    im doing online art school... (6months or to 2 yrs) im slackin tho.. i hada make myself do the assinment today lol now i gotta send it in..because it actualy aint online.. i get these books i gotta read..ect.. and answer questions and do an art thing.. im on the first book because i started like a month and so ago.. its divided into 3 parts im on the 3rd part of the book now.. gotta read some more when i get done wit it idk what ima use it towards...maybe some custom stuff like shoes clothes..since its gonna let me get into airbrushin also i think.. but yea man just crack down on urself (i need to) and just do it!!

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    i just graduated high school and am going to a community college this fall to get my general studies done, then im going to UNL and will major in psychology, if i drop out of school for any reason ill either get a job on the railroad or work construction

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    Man I hated I guess that's why I stayed in highschool for 5 years without graduating but I've recently been thinking about taking some courses in culinary arts cause I like cooking and eating and I'm always watching the food channel

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    im going to a community college right now to get my nursing degree. not really what i saw myself doin when i was in highschool but... it only takes 4 years, starts off between $30-$40 an hour, and you only work 3 days a week!

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    I just got my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems. Now I'm looking for IT work.

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