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Thread: Fight Night, Round 4

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    Fight Night, Round 4

    Flippin throuh channels the other day and I see this commercial with huge names like Wyclef and some other ones. Then I see a flash of Tech and Krizz on a couch. Haven't checked it out yet, but looks like Tech is coming up just a little bit more

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    lol i was just about to post that

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    OK so i just looked for this on you tube and guess what yall......FAIL, so 1 of you who acually know what your looking for should post this shit real quick.

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    idk i didt see the commercial but ive been waiting along time 4 that game, cant wait till the 28th! its got mike tyson on there, and if techs gotta a song or sumthin on there that would be awesome, he was on madden once, so it could happin

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    I got a shirt that doesn't say TapOut it says TapMeOut

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    if anyone gets this game and has a ps3 hit me up!! lets throwdown!!

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    I got a ps3 but not internet Ima get GoW 3

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    anybody with ps3 with net? u got net if ur on the comp?? hook it up 2 ur ps3, u just need a router, no wire's!!

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    maybe later not gettin dha game juss spent 19 dollars on "Genius" yesterday

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