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Thread: New strange Music tat i just got

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    New strange Music tat i just got

    chia heres my new tat i just designed and did up<p ="text-align: left;"><width="600" height="450"/>[/p]

    this is during the street team shit 4 genius album yesterday tell me what u think

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    shits sick been thinkin bout gettin on but dono what i want

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    Senior Member b-rock's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Dope dude, Where did u get the chain and the big ass Kaliko poster. Thats dope that u put it outside so everyone can see it

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    well i cant really say were i got the charm but im street team so strange sends me a shit ton of randow flavor every time new shit drops so we canvous the fuckouta our town ever time

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    Charm is most likely from ebay

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    Ah cool cool.
    It just looked like them
    I still need to have a Strange charm made....cuz I won't buy the fake ass ebay ones either

    Quote Originally Posted by Keipher Baker
    Nope cuz the ones on ebay r fake this is pure silver and to tell the trueth i had to have it made at a jewlery store

    Quote Originally Posted by DenverCityKilla
    Charm is most likely from ebay

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    That is one of the coolest Strange Music Tats I've seen yet! When I get mine (which is gonna be BEYOND EPIC), I will post it up for ya'll. Keep it Straaaaaange~!


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    that shit is hard, i need to get me a tat. ill be 18 soon so ill get one soon

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    If u get a tattoo thats really visible is it hard to get a good job. Because I was workin for a grocery store for 8 an hour and they didnt hire people that had tat.

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    That is the first tat on here that I seen that is actually tight.My boys got a few that are dope.

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