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Thread: Does anyone know about midwestside

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    Does anyone know about midwestside

    Was midwestside presents tech n9ne a real cd and is there an album cover? I've found track listings for it but no cd cover and NO CD!

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    The only "Midwestside presents Tech N9ne" I know about is Celcius, in which case it was a "real" album with cover art and everything.

    Celcius on Wikipedia

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    Nah it was an actual cd. I bought it at Best Buy in 2002. It only had tech n9ne at the very end doing some free flows on the wake up show. I have the album cover still but not the cd itself. It got jacked. Okay, I just went and got it. Its in my hand now. Its called Midwest Side For Triple Life. Its a blue case and it has Don Juan in a little frame at the top. Here is a list of the songs.
    1.Bitches, Niggas, Hoes, and Foes
    2.Street Nigga
    3.Midwestsiders (Burn Em)
    4.Play Dough
    5.Ghetto Nigga
    6.Time To Roll
    7.How Many Ho's?
    8.At The Same Time
    9.Skansas Shitty Niggas Are Worldwide
    10.K.C.M.O. (Kansas City Anthem)
    Bonus Track-Tech N9NE wake up show free

    Now other than Techs freestly this cd is fucking horrible. Not worth looking into. Real Talk!!!!

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    So we go from an album which has "Midwestside Presents Tech N9ne" on the cover (Celcius), to an album by Don Juan with the title "Midwestside For Triple Life" which has no mention of Tech on the cover? Whatever works...

    Nevermind the fact that Celcius often appears as "Midwestside Presents Tech N9ne" on P2P programs...

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    yea i had that cd.. i was a don juan did his free for jay z at the end..

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