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Thread: Top 2 songs I like from every TECH album.

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    Top 2 songs I like from every TECH album.

    Since Ive started to collect TECH's album's I always find myself trying to make a comp of the songs I like, but the list is "too much". So from then I started cutting down to only a few songs from every album and since I started with ANGHELLIC that's what Imma do...and as far as KILLER goes since it is a double disc you know I had to get 2 from each disc..I racked my brain tryin to only have 2, believe me it was harder than I thought it would be. There is a lot I would have liked to put on this but I had to go with what I felt, big scoob, too much, I can feel it, psycho bitch 1 & 2, rednose, party & bullshit, dysfunctional, stamina, like yeah, my wife-my bitch-my girl, she devil, caribou lou, welcome 2 the midwest, enjoy, 7 words, sexorcist, these are all good songs I can go on & on but you get the picture, I only picked 2, so if there is anyone that would like to toss in some opinions I would like that or break out your favorite 2 from each album let me check em out and im more into the dark shit..if I spell something wrong or isnt on the right album go ahead and correct me.
    So starting with Anghellic here is my 2 off every album check it!!

    ANGHELLIC = Tormented - Einstein
    ABSOLUTE POWER = Absolute power - Trapped in a psycho's body
    VINTAGE TECH = Be jealous - The grench
    MLK COLLABOS = Fan or foe - You dont want it
    EVERREADY = Beast - Running out of time
    KILLER DISC 1 = Paint a dark picture - Hope for a higher power
    KILLER DISC 2 = Holier than thou - Last words
    SICKOLOGY 101 = In the air - Areola

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    What about
    The calm before the storm
    The worst
    The worst 2k edition
    From here N There
    and all his strictly strange shit

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    horrid do you know tech, most of those IMO are the worst on the albums, they're good don't get me wrong but tech him self would probably pimp slap you for those picks

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    Nah playa im just in to that deep dark shit, I like 2 party and most of tha shit that I like jus aint party material....Einstein, Beast, Fan or foe, Areola, Abosolute power, Be jealous, come on now dont tell me u dont like those songs and the rest well....I can connect what Tech be talkin about most of the shit that ppl like to listen to is tech's party type shit and I do like just about all of his tracks on every CD he has made, and between the calm b4 the storm to celcius Ive never had those CD's and cant find em heard a few but cant judge em since I havent heard the whole thang and u need to take another listen to In the Air one more time the lyrics is str8 sick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iflowlikeiwawa
    horrid do you know tech, most of those IMO are the worst on the albums, they're good don't get me wrong but tech him self would probably pimp slap you for those picks

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    ANGHELLIC = Einstein, this ring
    ABSOLUTE POWER = t9x, industry is punks
    VINTAGE TECH = Now its on, Trapped in a psychos body
    MLK COLLABOS = Message to the black man, midwest choppers
    EVERREADY = Come Gangsta, My world
    KILLER DISC 1 = Paint a dark picture, Too Much
    KILLER DISC 2 = One good time, Happy ending
    SICKOLOGY 101 = Red Nose, midwest choppers 2

    i didnt put any from The calm before the storm
    The worst
    The worst 2k edition
    because i still havent heard them all the way thru

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    By tha way you should break out that killer disc 2 and go str8 to last words and tell me TECH aint talkin real shit, and yeah I prolly should have swapped the grench for now itz on. kuz on the real now itz on is a str8 heater!

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    Anghellic- This ring its alive
    Absolute power- Industry is punks, yada yada yada
    Vintage tech- Now its on, Mitch bade
    Everready- Riot maker, come gangsta
    MLK- The p.a.s.e.o, Message to the Black man
    Killer 1- Hope for a higher power, everybody move
    Killer 2- One good time, Last words
    Sickology- Far away, red nose

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    ANGHELLIC = This Ring, Breathe
    ABSOLUTE POWER = Industry Is Punks, Trapped In A Psychos Body
    VINTAGE TECH = Now Its On, Monster
    EVERREADY = Come Gangsta, This Is Me
    MISERY LOVES KOMPANY = Midwest Choppers, Fan or Foe
    KILLER DISC 1 = Paint A Dark Picture, Hope For A Higher Power
    KILLER DISC 2 = One Good Time, Last Words
    SICKOLOGY 101 = Midwest Choppers 2, Red Nose

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    ill go from what selection ive got.

    absolute power- keep on keepin on & absolute power

    anghellic- stamina/this is me & this ring

    the calm before the storm- questions & flipside

    celcius- be warned & sprung i guess.... barely listen to this cd besides be warned

    everready (this is gonna be tough)- no can do & melancholy maze/my world
    everready (bonus cd)- in my head & run

    k.o.d.- like i died & ........ haha I NEED MORE!

    killer 1- pillow talkin & too much
    killer 2- happy ending & holier than thou

    Misery Loves Kompany- you dont want it(soo enticing from the intro. i cant help but screaming fuck yeah when it starts) & midwest choppas!

    sickology 101(subject to change havnt heard enough[cd=15 times through)- nothin [besides the last guys verse] & dysfunctional[lodi dodi! im at the party!] haha

    vintage tech-be warned(fuckin with a technicality thats what he gotta be.....) & the grench

    the worst (dont listen to often)- walk these shoes & get blowed

    TOKE UP!

    TECH TECH! ____ ______!

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    Anghellic=Breath - Twisted
    Absolute Power=She Devil - Im a Playa or slacker
    Vintage Tech=Now it's On - Monster
    EverReady=No Can Do - Jelly Sickle
    Mizery Loves Kompany=2 piece - Fan or Foe
    Killer Disc 1=Too Much - Paint A Dark Picture
    Killer Disc 2=Let's Go - Beat you Up
    Sickology 101=Take it off - Midwest Choppers 2

    and MLK was after EverReady

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