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Thread: I need a favor.

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    I need a favor.

    Is it possible for someone to post a list of techs Nnuthowse music up here. Not really looking for a link to the songs but just a list of the songs...but links are appreciated.
    Trying to further my t9x.

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    NnuttHowze - Evil Instinct
    NnuttHowze - BOMBZ Foe Ya MOMZ
    NnuttHowze - G (un) A (ssociated) T (ongue)
    NnuttHowze - Let's Make Some Fucking Noise
    NnuttHowze - Say Hello To My Nuts
    NnuttHowze - Terror Vision
    NnuttHowze - Who Am I
    NnuttHowze - Killa Clown
    NnuttHowze - Witch Doctor
    NnuttHowze - Poison Mist
    NnuttHowze - Fuck Your Religion

    hear the album sold for 6 thousand dollars its so rare

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