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Thread: red nose/ this ring

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    red nose/ this ring

    How did y'all feel about him replacing this ring with red nose?

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    Except they didnt put the light on him like they did with this ring. I didnt really like it just because this ring was alot deeper and more intense. what do you think?

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    Senior Member T94LIFE's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    This Ring is more special. Everybody is all about Red Nose right now but its still a new track. This Ring is old but still fire.

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    This was my 4th show so it was great to hear and see a new playlist and at the show i was at he did have the spotlight on him. As I read around I am realizing all his shows are a little different. Like at my show they didn't do Areola but other shows they have.

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    Senior Member David53's Avatar
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    I liked it. I definately prefer this ring. but it super old. he was pretty out of breath when he did red nose at the show I was at.

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    Senior Member SeanKiely's Avatar
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    im honestly pretty bummed he doesnt play that anymore

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    yeah i was pretty upset about it. i was reading on others discussions that he didnt do it but i thought maybe it was just a cpl shows. to me this ring was the song that caugth my attention and got me listening to tech. this ring is just so much deeper but maybe he is just trying to mix shit up a bit.

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    im pretty upset he dont do this ring anymore too.

    And it wasn't replaced w/ red nose. dude hasn't dont that song for a while now. This ring got the boot way before sickology. if anything, at the shows iv'e seen him previous to sickology, it was "replaced with" Girl Crazy.

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    maybe shit got bad after killer. because after i love you but fuck you, his wife and him must have gone to war. this ring is basically him fighting to keep his family while fighting to make money for them. But since he doesn't go through that anymore, maybe he felt like he didnt need to perform it anymore. sucks though because its on mostly everyones top 5 tech n9ne tracks.... thats my oppinion though.

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    true that, its definatly one of my top 3 fav tech tracks

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