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Thread: For Hostile Takeover Tour 2012: When does Tech N9NE perform?

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    For Hostile Takeover Tour 2012: When does Tech N9NE perform?

    If you've been to Hostile Takeover Tour 2012, when does Tech come on the stage to do his thing? The concert I'm going to is 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. I have to leave at 11:00 PM though. Do you think that I will get to see Tech perform?

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    Not a chance he goes on last

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    That sucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Get Blunted
    Not a chance he goes on last

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    You'll get to see MGK though, which in my opinion has a better set anyways this tour. Maybe cause Ive seen Tech so many times.

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    mgk is better when hes talking and trying to be funny then when hes actually preforming

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