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Thread: Has Tech done a "Hostile Takeover Tour" before?

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    Has Tech done a "Hostile Takeover Tour" before?

    I was just listening to Vintage Tech, and I noticed at the end of the track "Strange" he talks about the song "Snake Ya" that he did with Krizz Kaliko on the Hostile Takeover Tour....I had to rewind it to see if i wasn't hearing shit because the Hostile Takeover Tour is taking place right now and Vintage Tech was released in 2005.

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    The answer is yes, in 2004.

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    What hes on right now is the Hostile Takeover Tour 2012

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    Yes noob.

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    yes, 2004

    I still have my concert ticket

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    I'm not a noob sean....i just havent been on this since after all 6's and 7's and i changed my name.I remember you though because you have had that fuckin cat as your pic for as long as i can remember.
    Quote Originally Posted by sean diego

    Yes noob.

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    That's sick as fuck. Damn the tickets were only $15...must've been nice. Did he tour with anyone outside of Strange like hes doing in the 2012 tour? and lol @ the No cameras, audio, or video.

    Quote Originally Posted by EVLNSTX

    yes, 2004

    I still have my concert ticket

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