I put below statment on my Facebook the other day. I put it above a YouTube Share link of somebody's camera movie of the crowd going apeshit at the beginning of the show.

"You don't know, You have no idea how much fun this man's show is. You say, "I hate rap. It's stupid vulgar and rude." They said that about most rock 'n roll and now I can say I've heard Led Zeppelin and Pink in the elevator and freak'n Ozzy has been to the White House.
This man does more then rap thou, he performs is a manor that infects every person watching the show. From the girls trying to crawl onto the stage, to the guys standing outside in the lobby yelling in thru the door, everybody is participating, everybody's put into motion! I'm a hardcore head bang'n rocker my whole life. I used to have hair so long I could sit on it if not careful. No peckerwood has partied harder or smoked more!
EVER DRINK A JOINT? Rip your fucking head off man! I'm 45 years old now.
To mention a few memorable shows, I've seen Alice, Sabbath and Floyd twice. If I had Floyd tickets in my pockets and on my way to the show I saw Tech, Kutt and Kali Baby were playing next door??? I'm seeing Tecca N9na again.
Any other headbang'n peckerwoods got a prob with that? You haters are dead to me.
Put it in the air..come on! Loved those guys too.