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Thread: (NEW) Brotha Lynch Hung Interview!!! (No Signup Required!!!)

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    (NEW) Brotha Lynch Hung Interview!!! (No Signup Required!!!)

    WeTheWest- First of all thanks for allowing us to pick your brain for a minute! We noticed that you have been out brotha lynchof the scene for a minute. Your resurfacing will be by way of the "Gas Station" mixtape. Can you talk about what made you want to do this mixtape over releasing the highly anticipated "Dinner and a Movie"?

    Lynch - Well, I never tried doing a mixtape before, and at the time, I didn't have the deal with "Strange Muzicc" at the time, so I took 3 weeks out to make my first mixtape.

    WeTheWest- We heard a rumor that there has been a deal struck between Madesicc and Strange Music to release the "Dinner and a Movie" album. Can you please speak on that for us?

    Lynch - How the deal happened was, I was in KC about four years ago for the "Tech N9ne" release date party and sign in. We talked then but it didn't happen. 5 months ago, Dave (worked for Priority Records) Call me and said he's moving back from Hawaii and that he was gonna work with Strange. His first mission was to get me.

    WeTheWest- With you being completely indie, and having cut ties years ago with BlackMarket, why such a large amount of time between releases? Is this by design?

    Lynch - Well, I didn't want to release an album until everybody can hear it, and I didn't have a deal that would allow me to get to everybody.

    WeTheWest- What would it take, if at all possible to reunite with Mr. Doctor and resurrect the glory days of Sacramento Rap?

    Lynch - I think he's moved on from the Muzicc game, It probably won't happen.

    WeTheWest- Will there be another C-Bo/Lynch Hung album?

    Lynch - Maybe one day, we both on some other shit right now.

    WeTheWest- Aside from your personal albums, what does MadeSicc have lined up as far as releases go? And do you have distribution in place to handle the projects reaching the fans?

    Lynch - Man, I'm glad you asked, I finally have somebody on the Label that matches my Craft, His name is Gmacc, He has an album almost done called "Vampire" the boys tight! Really sicc but logically Sicc! And I have "COS" the only guy I know that don't use a paper when he writes and his shit comes out tight as fucc! He's my last line of Defense if niggaz try to battle us. He has an album almost done too. Tallcann's doing "Uthanizum" 2 "Uthanizum 1" did almost 25 thousand. I won't talk about the deal I'm perusing now, it's in the works.

    WeTheWest- Will you tour the heavy schedule that Tech9ne travels? Can the fans expect to see you on the road?

    Lynch - That's 40% on why I signed the deal! I can't wait!!

    WeTheWest- If someone was to put on your ipod, what would be playing in it?

    Lynch - Hopefully "Dinner and a Movie" and "The Gas Station" mixtape, I want to show people that even though the old albums slap, I'm just getting started! I only have 4 albums I claim to be real albums, the other were put out because I wouldn't turn in muzicc to the label.

    WeTheWest- Can we confirm that the drought on Lynch music in the streets and stores is now over? And can we get any release dates for the projects you have coming?

    Lynch - Far as my solo, I'm with "Strange" they gonna make sure I give them what they paid me for! And that's an album called "Dinner and a Movie". No release date as of yet though.

    WeTheWest- Can you please confirm your roster of artists and producers signed to and affiliated with Madesicc?

    Lynch - COS, Gmacc, Tallcann, Phonk Beta, MC, DonRob, Lil Sicx, and a couple groups I'm grooming to be signed. Talking to C-Lim about signing.

    WeTheWest- If you could change one thing about your musical career, what would it be?

    Lynch - Black Market!!!!

    WeTheWest- Please let the fans know where they can find you on the net. from twitter to myspace and any other sites you are involved with.

    thaanks for your time! it is much appreciated!

    Lynch- Fans/Homies yaw can reach me at: or

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    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A HATER!!!!!

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