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Thread: Worst rapper ever

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    Worst rapper ever

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    Senior Member Big Shot's Avatar
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    I had to vote soulja boy cause at least wayne and p diddy rhyme.

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    Senior Member Big Shot's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    lol eat em raw like sushi. at least he loves the pussy. XD

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    i vote 4 all 3!!! its hard 2 pick one out of the 3, p.diddy is hot trash, hes been garbage, fuck wayne, never liked him, atleast s.b. is doin his own thng!

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    bump and polls

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    had to vote for diddy

    I was gonna say soulja boy, but i have to give credit where credit is due

    Hes younger then me (19) and hes a millionare, that son of a bitch lol

    not sayin he makes GOOD music but he did know what market would sell the best and who would buy stuff like that

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    soulja boy, how the fuck did he get in the game anyway? hes gotta be related to some producer or sumfin, yeah i said sumfin shut the fuck up

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    Short Dawg The Native. When i here his gay ass flow i wanna grab an oozie and fuckin blow my brains out!

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