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Thread: Anybody familiar with Pro Tools Music Software?

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    Anybody familiar with Pro Tools Music Software?

    What's up fellow technicians. I have been writing/recording my own music for a while now. Recently I have decided to try and make/mix/and produce my own music as well. So I purchased Pro Tools MP9 Music Software. I did not know that a midi controller was needed to manually play/record the virtual instruments that come with the program. So until I can afford to buy a midi controller I went ahead and downloaded VMPK(Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard). From what I read online that this program works as a virtual midi controller in the pro tools music software. I am really new to all of this and don't know shit about shit. So, Can anybody help me figure out how I can set up this VMPK in my Pro Tools?

    By the way my knowledge of this software is pretty limited so try and dummy down your tips as well as you can. Help would be greatly appreciated technicians.

    6688846993 STRAAAAAAAAANGE!!

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    i dont have my ilok so i cant explain it to you right now, but type the question on google and you will find the answer very quickly

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    Youtube + Google = Your bestfriends

    They can help you more than probably anyone else can

    on here.

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    Yea I ended up finding out about everything I needed to know using google and youtube but thanks anyways.

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    ilok and some kind of midi controller are a must have. I got them and everything is working great now.

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