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Thread: What are the most evil verses you ever heard in rap?

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    What are the most evil verses you ever heard in rap?

    Artist: Prozak
    Album: Aftabirth
    Song: Three Faces of Evil
    Who's verse: Unsure it was a guest
    "Psychopath maniac that was born to die spit in God's eye if I could go back in time. I would be the devil rape the virgin Mary. Knock the bitch up, kill her then I'd kill her baby."

    Artists: Jedi Mind Tricks
    Album: Violent by Design
    Song: Heavenly Devine
    Who's Verse: Ikon The Hologram
    "Murders by stickin' a crucifix through your cervix Divine purpose, for the Remi that's in my thermos. Wait and see we`ll stick you with needles that`s hypodermic. You heard the verdict I'm with Allah 'cause he chose me. Broke into the Vatican, strangled the Pope with his rosary."

    These verses are a one way ticket to hell. Anyone hear any worse ones?

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    Immortal Technique

    Dance With The Devil

    3rd verse

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    good song
    Quote Originally Posted by behind the mask
    Immortal Technique

    Dance With The Devil

    3rd verse

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    i guess i would have to say brother lynch hung, he has some crazy nasty lyrics lol

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    King Gordy Free/Killa Acapela (youtube video)

    I am a Gay Bashing
    Nigger Hatin
    Jewish Killin muslim sittin in jarusalum
    Teaching The Preachings of Jesus..Its so fuckin hard convincing people to believe that
    He was the son of god
    Ill stab 5 mules and baptize you in there blood
    I am what lambs are sacrificed too
    Im here to speak hate to kill em quickly
    (starts rapping KILLA)
    Flip FLops
    Grey hair an ol silly hippie that buys weed from mexicans then call him a spick and kill him
    You aint gotta hang black folks give me that rope, tie it to his black throat then whip him tills his backs broke
    Fuck the american army and marines
    Im a terrorist armed wit sixteens
    Meet me in Bajing bring ya tanks please, me and Osamas hiddin wit choppas we ready to spray things
    This is gehod
    Allas are god and all of our squad will put on large bombs to launch at yall hope ya got ya armor on yall been warned
    There is always a calm before the storm

    Gordy has some twisted shit man

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    em's verses are sick on renegade prolly not as evil as yall's but damn he killed it
    and also tech's song hellbound

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    come on you gotta have screw loose to come up with the Lyrics to Chuckie by Bushwick bill of Geto Boys.

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    Yeah techs hellbound is hella sick

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    Wtf, find me that Kind Gordy free, I want to HEAR that madness

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    anything by KGP will kick anybodys asses for evil shit.

    check out 'religious bitches' or 'flipside'


    just listening to that shit your going to hell!

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