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Thread: Worst TECH song EVER!

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    Worst TECH song EVER!

    a while ago i had a voting thread for techs best stuff, this time its the worst song, and weakest line.

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    worst song-I gotta know ft. figgkid
    weakest line- his last line in what we are, was weak but i think its the weakest bc the rest of his verse was sick

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    real killer off of anghellic. never been able to listen to it.

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    I can kinda see I gotta know but not really, But real killer is not even close to his worst song. But this is opinion so I cant hate. I honestly dont know, I like all his shit. Ill have to get back to this one. LOL

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    i mean i love all his shit. i let the song play but havin' kids n shit i cant listen to that. but if i had to choose that would be it.

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    the sexorcist

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    i can't name a worst song,i mean Tech give all he got for his project...i really can't name it...

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    I totally agree with you. I always have to skip that song because it is too fucked up.

    Quote Originally Posted by striktlystrange
    real killer off of anghellic. never been able to listen to it.

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    I gotta know was a pretty wicked mainstream song and had a catchy as hell beat..
    and real killer is a wicked raw track

    "real killer" man try giving it another listen.

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