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Thread: Is anybody else sick of....

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    Is anybody else sick of....

    Seeing that goddamn still-shot of that chick's tongue in that guy's mouth for the roaches video on the home page? Fuck it looks like flava flav and shit

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    I keep thinkin it's birdman and lil wayne

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    lol yea its kinda gross...and i thought it was flava flav when i saw it

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    yeah i'm sick of seeing it. i have it favorited on youtube and it always fucking shows that still shot.

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    yeah one of my favorites on the album but the video was not good at all.....and yes i am sick of seeing it on the home page

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    Hells yea

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    I agree. It always catches my eye and not in a good way.

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    I dont pay attention to the home page, so no

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