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Thread: Sneak Peek of Prozak / Twista Track!

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    Sneak Peek of Prozak / Twista Track!

    Video is of Prozak bumpin' a new collaboration track with Twista out of somebody's car. Check it:

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    LOL...I just posted it the same on another thread...oh well

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    I cant wait for this album. I wanna hear the track with Bonecrusher

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    shit sound pretty fucking sik. i wanna hear that shit wit bonecrusher from the shit ive heard of that dude he sounds like he could match prozaks pretty well. but how come twista can turn his shit in on time for prozak but not tech??

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    Who knows???? song sounds good from what is heard.

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    wait what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Noell
    damn, i really cant wait for Hitchcock of Hip Hop

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    Do u think Twista doing something with Prozak and not Tech is a way at getting back at Tech in some way. It just seems wierd. Hes able to do a song and get it back to Proak really early and not even being able to get something back Tech for the deadline. I mean Prozak is fuckin horrorcore and Tech just does the wicked shit once and a while. It just seems fucked up to me. I mean now that Twista isnt going to put Tech on his album its like what the fuck did Tech do to piss you off. I mean seriously that track is prolly the best one he recorded even though it doesnt a have a mainstream rapper because Tech N9ne. And I really dont believe that management excuse because again if they dont Twista to be on Techs album why the hell would the want him to be on a pure horrrorcore artist album

    Hitchcock of Hip Hop!!!

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    I think Twista is being a JEALOUS MITCH BADE. He can get down with Prozak on tracks but he's jealous of Tech so he acts like he can't send it in on time, its bullshit. Just my opinion, maybe its his management, but personally I think he knows Tech is easily 10 tomes better than he EVER was and will be.

    Prozak is dope as well, last album was amazing, this next one will be awesome too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen D
    I think Twista is being a JEALOUS MITCH BADE.
    I think your being a pretentious fan making asumptions based on nothing more than seeing your favorite artist in the light of the god complex he posses.

    Anyway, the song sounds off the fuckin hook. That Twilighz Zone Shit is the bomb!

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