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Thread: Lyrycyst Ft Tech N9ne

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    Lyrycyst Ft Tech N9ne

    i know some of us are familar with this song and i jus wanted to let everyone know that lyrycyst is remixing this track he did with tech and it should be on itunes in a week or two. tech has a killer verse on this song. i tried to add the old track with this but not sure if it worked.

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    I heard that lyrycyst is christian now and regrets that track

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    he is and i talked to him just the other day cuz i was askin about some of his old shit that had that track on it and thats what he told me is that he was remixing the track and putting it back out

    Quote Originally Posted by Gofer
    I heard that lyrycyst is christian now and regrets that track

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    Why would he regret it? he didnt say anything bad in it and to be honest I dont even think he cussed one time. Oh well, that is one of the tightes verses tech ever layed down in my opinion. He killed that shit.

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