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Thread: krizz kaliko

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    krizz kaliko

    rumor has it that people have heard krizz kaliko happy birthday if this is true can someone please upload it for me or send me a link

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    He does it live at the concerts

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    KRIZZ performs it live on the tour. It's sick as fuck too. I was just at the SLC show on sunday.

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    yea its not out on the internet yet that i know of but he does it at concerts

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    lol you stupid why would he do that he's alrdy got out 4 tracks lol STUPEHH!!!!!!

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    Ya he perfromed it at red rocks,

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    He did it at the show here in Tulsa also. Its alright I guess, but not better than "Yeah Bitch".

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    i think that song more outta the few i heard from the cd, and tech's verse is dope on there.....hes all drunk and shit sounden and walks 2 the corner of the stage like an alley 2 pee

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