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Thread: "Fight" by RIA and Tech N9ne Lyrics!

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    "Fight" by RIA and Tech N9ne Lyrics!

    I got every word of Tech N9ne's part except like 3.. I just can't figure it out. Somebody help me out? Enjoy learning an awesome verse!!! (FYI, the fast part of this song is 9 syllables per second)

    Have you ever met a muthafucka make you wanna (Fight)
    Whenever you see the muthafucka its another (Fight)
    Get the mille nigga we about to get into a (Fight)
    If you rollin wit me ?yo a? betta know that chu a (Fight)

    Don't get it twisted, it gets dark when ya lips spit
    Punks bark but don't rip shit
    Chumps marked wit the quickness
    Nigga we can do whateva you wanna do
    Deuce Click and Rogue Dog niggas in front of you
    How many losses do you want, well it be one or two
    Stay up outta the way when the beef is in front of you
    It's about to be a misunderstandin
    You soft and fakin like you rough
    I know suckas actin like you tough
    Street niggas seek the weakness and we crush
    Hit you in the back of the Cadillac, and believe it I got a Mac, with the fully I rattatat on you ass
    Never will ya family get you back, and you goin into the black, and you missin a lot of that when you pass
    I came to see, what it would be
    How was you thinkin you fuckin wit me
    Chillin with the homies in R-I-A
    And we comin to F-I-G-H-T
    You better know its the season, KC to Cleveland
    Sick and we thirsty for blood
    You don't really wanna get into it nigga ? ?neighbors?
    They soft and don't know what it was
    A hell of a fight!

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    It's not "how many losses do you want, will it be one or two?"

    It's "how many LUMPS do you want, will it be one or two?"

    haha! I've never heard a verse from Tech that I didn't like

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    Lumps! Awesome. I didn't think losses was correct, but couldn't think of something that made more sense. Thanks!

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