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Thread: Favorite Tech N9ne quotes or lines?

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    Favorite Tech N9ne quotes or lines?

    It could be from interviews or songs or wherever. List em.

    "If silence is golden, then me making noise is platinum" - "This Ring"

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    first learn how to do chorus's then get people to trust you if anybody says fuck me everybody says FUCK YOU... "God Complex"

    I love my kids and my fans inside I sob harder Cause you pay the price for my life and its right like Bob Barker And I wont pretend its ok I'm no facade starter So I guess my only happy ending is in a massage parlor... "Happy Ending"

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    This aint a lyric, it's a skit back from Everready Sampler, at the end of Bout To Bubble Tech and Krizz kaliko are at the studio and Tech gets a phone call.

    Krizz Kaliko: "Man tell that bitch to suck it easy."

    Tech N9ne: "Im at the studio, I'll call you back........(in a quick voice).....suck it easy!"

    Hahaha....if anybody heard this you'll know what I'm talking about.

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    "Now it's so funny
    Cause with money I can fly away
    Or read them haters off in the deepest darkest hide away
    Why do they do me wrong? My music truly strong
    Because I'm different
    All you cowards wanna shoo me gone
    Yes, This is Strange year
    World wide fame's near but the game's queer
    Sometimes I feel like I'm Rudolph the Reindeer
    And the music they said "blows" is on top and the cred grows
    You gonna have to open up the door for the bro with the red nose"

    Goose bumps everytime.... so strong and so true

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    Don't b callin me dog cuz I want u 2 say it backwards
    -in the air
    Hella raw

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    "You got a guard, i got a squad
    You here to work and I'm here to rob"

    Funny skit, not the best but def. one of my many favorites

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    Made a nigga feel machoCry forLie forDie forMy hoNigga I go face DiabloWith a hostile gospelIf I can't have tres or cuatroLittle vatosImma let a lot flowWhat they sell Up in OscoUp a nostril--this ring

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    I'm the nigga that got'em listenin' I know it's sickenin' to know I'm the
    Nigga that got your girlies cuchie glistenin from listenin' to my shit and
    When I get her for christenin' she splits again cause I make her spit the
    Nitro glycerin

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    Do the work and believe in it, when you do it to the fullest ain't no problem achievin' it. - Crybaby

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    dwam hey thats all imma say right now im at a loss for words girl u girl goin' take that bow you lookin boy my lady would hate this if she knew i was out with her but im trippin off the waitress. '

    the waitress.

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