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Thread: VIP Experience???

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    VIP Experience???

    Sup.... Got the Tech Concert in Rochester coming up and couldn't pass up the VIP package. Just wondern if any of ya could fill me in on how da VIP package treated ya... Lookn for comments on
    how da meet and greet was and shit....
    Also wondern if you get a special section at the actual concert..
    I'd love to smoke up da Strange Music Crew but not sure if thats plausible or not...
    Any info is much appreciated

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    You get to kick it with tech and the strange crew who is all there before the show starts for like an hour.
    I don't think they have a special section for VIP. At least we didn't have one. But you do get access to jump to the front of the line thou with the VIP Pass.
    As for having a smoke out...don't know if that would happen. Unless you get them to let you backstage after the show.

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    theres usually no VIP secion. Although the meet n greet is awesome.. i was happyer there then disney land!

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    a couple of guys brought a blunt into the meet and greet that i went to but most of tha artists turned it down except for lou dog from kmk he was like snoop dogg they gave it to him and he pretty much smoked all of it

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