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Thread: Far Away Lyrics

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    Far Away Lyrics

    does anyone have the lyrics for Far Away off techs new cd.

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    I have not gotten to Krizz Kaliko's verse yet, but here is Techs part

    I can't even picture myself..
    Not breathin..
    But it's certain..

    I love too much
    I love too many to count em
    So extras and pets
    It's easy for me to go on wtihout em
    Cause everything goes away
    Love it eventually gets stowed away
    Why does it have to be when youre breathin
    When even and then youre heated wonderin why is it cold today
    Immortal is fake and impossible
    But every time I look up I'm shakin an obstacle
    What's gonna happen when time is up and I gots ta go
    Beautiful lanes are took away from my opticle
    It's not that I'm afraid of death
    But afraid of the thought of my people laid to rest
    They sayin its six million ways of death
    But not even one way to fade the stress
    It's certain, that a person
    Got somebody lookin workin to close the curtain
    Or maybe something
    Out of some dream
    With a devilsish soul for hurtin
    Sometime I be wishin I didn't love
    Cause when it's away I be missin love
    Your mother your father your children are livin to die from the crypt that a ditch is dug
    From the process
    I get noxious
    Cause I can't see my death and its causes
    Pac he saw it around the corner but me not breathin is a pound of balogna
    I keep fightin and I'm tryin
    To get right in my mind Brian
    Cause one day I'm gonna see you
    Even though I can't picture the N9ne dyin


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    thanks man

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    if you get the rest just post it

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